Winter Haven, FL Real Estate

Winter Haven, FL Real Estate

Located in Polk County, Florida, Winter Haven is one of Central Florida’s best towns for lake-lovers. 

It may also be one of the best towns for investing in real estate. Keep reading to learn whether or not Winter Haven lives up to its name. 

Is Winter Haven a Nice Place to Live?

According to long-time residents and visitors alike, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Winter Haven is known for its canal-linked Chain of Lakes, abundant eateries, and nearly endless outdoor excursions. The city is also home to Legoland Florida, Cypress Gardens, and Circle B Bar Reserve. 

Winter Haven’s population was 49,219 as of the 2020 census, though it’s growing by several thousand each and every year. Winter Haven is the second-largest city in Polk County and the principal city of Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

As we alluded to above, Winter Haven is teeming with lakes, canals, rivers, and streams. Among the many highlights are Lake Eloise, Lake Lulu, and Lake Howard. Bald Eagles, great blue herons, and alligators are known to make these lakes their homes. All in all there are 50 lakes within town borders. It’s safe to say the town lives up to its self-proclaimed title as “The Chain of Lakes City”!

Winter Haven’s real estate scene reflects its desirability. As of July 2022, there are approximately 244 homes for sale in Winter Haven, averaging out at approximately $285,000. Prices have increased by well over 10% in just the last year:

  • 1 bedroom properties are up 13.4%
  • 2 bedroom properties are up 34.8%
  • 3 bedroom properties are up 26.7%
  • 4 bedroom properties are up 34.1%
  • 5 bedrooms properties are up 34.3%

Another telling stat? More than a third of all homes get sold for more than their original listing price. 

Winter Haven: Top Real Estate Tips

If you’re ready to claim your own piece of Winter Haven’s year-round heaven, we’re ready to help. First, though, allow us to offer you a few helpful tips. 

Tip #1 is a simple one: Communication makes everything easier. If you’re actually interested in buying a home you’ve just viewed, be sure to clearly communicate that to the seller. And if you’re not all that interested in buying…be sure to clearly communicate that, too! Consider giving the seller a timeframe, too. 

Tip two is also quite simple. When it comes to standing out in today’s fast-paced market, cash is still king. If you find a great deal and can reasonably afford to pay cash, you may want to go for it. Many buyers have had success ‘locking in’ the most desirable homes by going this route. 

Icon Makes Prime Real Estate Simple

In hindsight, the best time to buy real estate in Winter Haven would’ve been a few decades ago. Sans time machine, though, it’s clear that the second-best time to buy is now. Now is the time to act if you’ve been considering involvement in Winter Haven’s real estate scene!

And don’t let the fear of going it alone hold you back. Our experienced realtors at Team Icon are ready and waiting to help you find your dream home. Contact us today by giving us a ring or filling out our online form. We’ll get back to you ASAP and help you develop a plan to bring your real estate aspirations from dream to reality.